Season 2, Episode 72

Dating After Marriage
with Authors Queen Aishah & Eboni Caldwell

About this episode

Audra Russell speaks with horror authors Queen Aishah and Eboni Caldwell.

Hailing from Newar, New Jersey, Queen Aishah is a comedienne, actress, producer, media personality, and humanitarian. Her authenticity and unique comedic timing make it easy for her to connect with diverse audiences of all ages. For more than 20 years she has been spreading her talent and joy to audiences, including hosting and headlining numerous comedy shows to entertain US troops stationed in Japan, South Korea, and Europe. She is the founder and owner of QA Enterprises and the MARRK Foundation. The latter was established to support and promote leadership with inner-city youth. She is the executive producer of the popular all-female diverse comedy tour, Funny-n-Stilettos.

Eboni Caldwell was born in a small town in Southern Illinois. She was creator and host of Thee Ouch Girl show, where she showcased small businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. Eboni is the owner of Productive and ProsperUs Empowerment, LLC, where she utilizes her unique experiences and training to help women from the ages of 18-40 to maximize their potential. Eboni is a mother of twin young men whom she loves dearly.

We have a heartfelt and hilarious conversation about what it’s like to date after divorce in the age of social media. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

Host & Guest

Audra Russell
Queen Aishah & Eboni Caldwell

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