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It’s for book lovers. 

Listen in as writer and emerging author Audra Russell brings together up-and-coming authors for biweekly chats about their new and recently published books.  You’re sure to find something you want to grab right now and read.

It’s for writers, too!

Encouragement, inspiration, and tales of success (and failure!) for every writer and creative type. We talk about the writing process, pitfalls to avoid, and advice on how to get your book off your computer and into the world.

Reading is my favorite way to spend quiet moments.  Yet, there is always this pressure to be “well read”, which usually means reading “the classics” or whatever book is trending or has just won an award. Many of these books don’t live up to the hype (at least not for me). I’m not impressed with awards. But a good story that makes me lose track of time? Yes, please! I’ve stumbled upon a lot of books that aren’t as well known as they should be. When I find these gems, I always search out the authors on social media to let them know I enjoy their work. This gesture is always met with heartfelt gratitude. One day a thought came to me: wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform that unites hungry readers with new writers? That question gave birth to Between the Reads.

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Audra Russell, Host Between the Reads

Audra is a wife, mother, blogger, emerging author, and writer advocate. Host of Between the Reads, she is also a member of several writers groups, and recently had one of her works published in a short story anthology entitled, Exhuming Alexandria. You can find her work on her website, Audra Russell Writes.

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I’m not only a book lover, I’m a writer, too! Be sure to come and visit me at Audra Russell Writes for short stories, writing tips, and more!