Season 2, Episode 82

Mystery, Suspense, & Thrills with Author Brenda L. Thomas

About this episode: Brenda and I get deep between the pages of her mystery and suspense novel, Heartless, and talk about her road from self-published to traditionally published and back again. We get into what it’s like to write from a man’s perspective, the world of the futanari, and share a lot of laughs– and heartfelt moments– along the way.

About the Author:

From the classroom to the boardroom, Philadelphia native Brenda L. Thomas isn’t one to shy away from giving her opinion. In 2001, Ms. Thomas self-published her much anticipated Essence best-selling novel Threesome: Where Seduction, Power and Basketball Collide.  

She was subsequently signed with Simon & Schuster, where she penned Fourplay, The Velvet Rope, and Every Woman’s Got a Secret, along with several anthologies.

As a result of her literary and professional career, first as an Executive Administrator in corporate America and later as personal assistant to NBA athletes, Thomas has become a sought-after and compelling speaker for audiences of all ages sharing her insight and expertise on athlete culture.

In 2007, Thomas departed from fiction and ventured into the difficult reality of her own past with her deeply moving account of her 15-year struggle with domestic violence and drug addiction through her memoir, Laying Down My Burdens. 

In addition to being domestic violence advocate, she continued her climb as best-selling author by garnering the African American Literary Award for mystery and suspense for her novel, Woman On Top (2017). Shortly after, Thomas penned two erotic shorts: Secret Service and Bewitched. Her most recent accomplishments include the release of her ninth novel, Heartless (2021), and her soon-to-be released cookbook, Sayin’ A Taste, which she wrote to honor a request made by her late nephew. 



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