Season 1, Episode 7

Romance, Mystery & Drama: Tea Talk with Author Michelle Mitchell

About this episode

Audra Russell chats with author Michelle Mitchell.

Michelle Mitchell, Georgia native, is the author of Truth Is…, INFAMOUS, Bells Will Be Ringin’: A Hilson Family Christmas novella, and Kissing Strangers: Tainted Love.

She latest e-book release, Could’ve Been, is available on Amazon now.  She is also working on the next installments in the Hilson family and Kissing Strangers series.

Michelle is married and shares a dog baby with her husband, Albert. She’s an alumna of Georgia Southern University and still resides in Georgia.

We spill the tea about the inspiration behind her deliciously dramatic stories, some of which are based on real life people (wow!), and the first book she published in elementary school that was placed in her school library.

Lots of laughs in this episode, y’all, so grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and enjoy!

Host & Guest

Audra Russell

Michelle Mitchell