Season 2, Episode 52

Un-Becoming Who I Never Was

with Poet & Author Kishawna Peck

About this episode

Audra Russell speaks with poet and author Kishawna Peck.

Kishawna is a Canadian creative who infuses her island roots of Jamaica into her art. She began writing and singing from a very young age and has rediscovered art as a way to express the process of unbecoming who she never was. She finds inspiration in the small rhythms of life best exemplified in her poems, webs and watering. She is excited to continue exploring her creativity and to share her poetry with a broader audience.

We have a heartfelt chat about therapy, self-care, and how she uses poetry to examine and share her world. 

Host & Guest

Audra Russell
Kishawna Peck

Kishawna, Hibiscus, Between the Reads