Season 1, Episode 17

No Ordinary Book

About this episode

Audra Russell laughs and argues with author Janee’ Thompson as they chat up ALL the drama in Janee’s debut novel, Looking Beyond the Ordinary.

Janee’ Thompson writes realistic young adult and new adult novels that capture the unique experiences of young black men and women taking it day by day through their own personal struggles. While many popular novels for this target audience focus on racial tension and navigating racial oppression through a youthful perspective, Janee’ intentionally creates masterpieces that desensationalize racial trauma and focus solely on characters’ individuality amid their blackness.

We laugh and argue as we chat up her debut novel, Looking Beyond the Ordinary, and I put her in the hot seat over all the drama in this book! 🙂

So grab your favorite beverage, make yourself comfy, and get ready to laugh until your sides hurt! 

Host & Guest

Audra Russell

Janee’ Thompson