Season 2, Episode 76

The Anatomy of a Corporate Lynching 

with Author Charles Ford

About this episode

Audra Russell speaks with author and entrepreneur Charles Ford.

Charles Ford is an author who wrote about his experience as an employee of Con Edison. He is also a songwriter and music video producer and podcaster under the artistic name of Chas Bronxson. He can be heard on Chuck D of Public Enemy’s Anthem Tongue Radio on the RapStation Network hosting two different shows: Art-Of-Facts and Genre Collaborations. He will be releasing an audible version of his ‘Anatomy Of A Corporate Lynching’ before the year’s end and a second book under his creative moniker Chas Bronxson in conjunction with his forthcoming project entitled ‘The Things A Man Is Supposed To Do’.

We discussed how Con Edison attempted to push him out of his job for calling them out on stealing his idea, the lessons he learned about protecting intellectual property, and talked about ways to protect yourself in corporate America. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

Host & Guest

Audra Russell
Charles Ford

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