Season 1, Episode 13

What’s Wrong With M.E.N.??

About this episode

Audra Russell chats with author, publisher, and fellow podcaster C.W. Burnett.

C.W. Burnett is an African American novelist, publisher, and screenwriter from Oakland, California. His bold and unique writing style is a reflection of his keen ability to bring words to life with impeccable precision. This young, up and coming talent has his eyes set on anchoring himself amongst the elite creative geniuses of our generation.

The anticipation of his 2019 debut novel, What’s Wrong With M.E.N., took the urban community by storm. It’s edgy, yet intriguing title garnered interests from a multitude of supporters.  His motivation behind the project was to restore smiles on the faces of black women who’d been wronged by men like his former self.

After righting his wrongs and moving forward, this bright ambitious scholar used his growing platform to share his testimony in an attempt to galvanize a generation of black men and women who’ve been distracted by the propaganda of today’s society. His ultimate goal is to leave an everlasting imprint on black culture through love, peace, knowledge, and wisdom.

Join Audra as she keeps it real with Calvin and finds out the inspiration behind his book, finds out his views about men and women in relationships, and more!

So go ahead and grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and enjoy!

Host & Guest

Audra Russell

C.W. Burnett